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Movies (writing with voiceover)

Simulations (interactive visualizations)

Intro Physics

This is a work in progress. The long-term goal is an online "book" which contains text, equations, worked examples, animations, simulations, and interactive virtual demos. So far, it's going to look a lot like my course notes. I'm happy to put them here as I go if for no other reason than I find it useful. I hope my students do as well. And perhaps other physics students will use it as well.

For now, the text will be calculus based. Someday I'll include algebra-based derivations and problems as well.


Regular text has a light grey background. Figures will also have a light grey background. Examples have a white background, and often contain my handwriting. Anything that you can interact with, such as a flash simulation or demo, will have a black background.

About me

photo of Jessica KintnerMy name is Jessica Kintner, and I'm a physics professor at Saint Mary's College of California. I've been teaching physics for about 15 years. I've thought a lot about what would help students understand the material better, and I'm a big believer in anything to help students visualize abstract concepts. That's what I'll try to do here. Integrate visuals with concepts and examples.

You can learn more about me from my Saint Mary's website.

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